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So, on an odd whim i started looking up stuff on diversity in metal and found these guys (and girl), Skinflint, an African Metal band who’s music is very Iron Maiden like. their vocalist’s voice gets a little irritating IMO, but all-in-all i think these dudes are cool as hell.

Mask of The Dead 


Their faces carved out of wood
Empty sockets where Your eyes will be
Wear it and see through the eyes of death
No longer is it You dancing
Possessed by death itself
Your flesh and bones becomes it’s home
Forever trapped in the grasp of Dipoko
Your re-live the deaths of Your ancestors
The torment consumes Your being

The trauma leads You to amnesia
The river reflects a stranger
No memory left to exorcise

Your soul wonders the night
In search of Your corpse
Yet with no memory, it wonders aimlessly.

2x chorus:
The mask of the dead
The mask of the dead
The mask of the dead dead dead.

The tree of faces
Buried beneath it’s roots
You are mask death
Living in the realms of Dipoko. 

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